Your professional assistant...

CandySeat puts clients in your chair more often.

Let CandySeat perform the tasks you're too busy to do.  And you can focus on what you love...cutting hair.

You know what keeps you in business? Customers! You know what stops your customers from coming to your chair? Not knowing if you are available!?! How can you make sure you never miss the chance to keep your customer fresh and make more money?  Simple. CANDYSEAT. 

Candyseat allows you to simply Organize your client information, connect with them to bring them back to your Pit! Click below to learn more!

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Automatically organize your client information 

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View a real-time dashboard specifically for your business 
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Automatically send reminders to your customers 


Manage Your Customers

What's your best customer's birthday? We bet you don't know. Never forget that opportunity to bring him back to your pit for a fresh trim on his special day. He'll tip more on that day too...

Client Profiles

Why does your customer keep coming back? Because only you can keep him fresh. Keep a record of that customer in Candyseat so you can provide superior service!

Client data

Never lose the critical information you have; never lose your customers data. Candyseat will safely and securely store customer data to help when you need to send a text to bring him back to your pit. 

Stay Informed

Quick, What's your monthly chair revenue (CR)? Who are your best clients? How many new clients did you have this month? What's the average number of appointments you have per month? Don't guess! And don't worry. CandySeat will give you this information. Remember, you're not only a businessman, you're a business man (nod to Hova)! Your chair is your business. CandySeat helps you run it like one.


See weekly and monthly trends for your business. 


Focus on the info that matters for your business; the info that drives revenue.

Automate Client Outreach

Ever sit in your chair scrolling through your phone, tablet, or appointment book trying to figure out who needs a haircut?  Stop it! With the tap of a button CandySeat will tell you which clients need a haircut and automatically send notifications to these clients.  It’s called just-in-time marketing. Fortune 100 companies use it all the time to get you to buy stuff. Shouldn’t you use similar methods to get your clients in your chair as often as possible?  Yep…you should.  And CandySeat will do it for you!


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